Photography News: Tilting with Venus, Mockracy, Night Photography, CameraBag, Paiva Brothers

Tilting with Venus -- by Joe Reifer

Tilting with Venus — by Joe Reifer

Mamiya 7II with 43mm lens, 45 minutes at f/11, Fuji 64T film

9 thoughts on “Photography News: Tilting with Venus, Mockracy, Night Photography, CameraBag, Paiva Brothers”

  1. Yep, a busy Paiva Week to be sure.

    I love this image Joe. Did you know you were going to get this perfect angle thing when you set it up?

  2. That alignment with the grill fragment is amazing.
    Man, I’m lovin’ camerabag. It’s that little something that makes my iphone pics worth looking at.

  3. Thanks, fellas. A little bit of sky knowledge made me hopeful this would line up well, and a little bit of luck sealed the deal.

    David – yeah, CameraBag is really helping my iPhone pictures, too. Glad you dig it.

  4. Joe, I knew this alignment wasn’t by chance. I bet you have an iPhone app giving you the angle of declination for all the heavenly bodies. Real nice work regardless, it’s so alien

  5. David – I shot some images in a similar direction earlier in the night with a digital SLR. Chimping on digital helped me figure out where the stars/planets were going to go in the film shot.

    Speaking of the iPhone, here’s an update on Camera Bag — I was really digging this app, but soon after the 1.2 upgrade my phone started crashing a lot. I backed everything up, and did a complete restore without this app. An hour and a half later and my phone is working fine. Guess I’ll stick to the real Holga until the bugs get worked out with this one.

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