Pearsonville Night Photography: October Gallery II of II

Here are 10 more night photographs from the October full moon workshop at the Pearsonville junkyard. Next month I’ll be posting more toy camera work, and also talking about the image storage and backup strategy that I’ve recently put in place. In the mean time, enjoy the images below, and let me know your favorites!

5 thoughts on “Pearsonville Night Photography: October Gallery II of II”

  1. I like the second shot (the pink Desoto). That missing headlight gives it an ominous look. The open door suggests something might be going on inside, but you might not want to go in.

    I like the fourth shot with the bush right in front of the car. Almost seems like the car plowed into an unnaturally strong bush long ago :-) I like the light in this one. I’m guessing that it’s mostly natural moonlight?

    The second to the last shot is cool. At first glance, I started to think of the hover/jet car that Ben and Luke used to cruise through the desert in Star Wars. In keeping with tomorrow’s theme, I think this shot also looks like the gaping maw of a denizen of the freeway of hell.

  2. Hi TJ – Thanks for letting me know your favorites! The fourth shot with the bush cracks me up – you got it, there’s only a slight bit of flashlight fill, the rest is moonlight. The hood vent and front grill on the 71 Torino shot were what caught my eye. Hadn’t thought of the Star Wars reference, but now that you mention it, the shape of this car does have that vibe!

  3. I like the last one with the half car. 71 Lem is cool in a similarly disjointed way. I’ve spent 10 nights in this junkyard now and I STILL find cars I have not seen before in your images. Pearsonville rocks.

  4. The fourth shot is funny. “Sorry honey, I was drunk and stuffed it into a shrub.”
    Technically I like the fifth one. Two shadows – awesome.
    Best composition? Number eight.

    Good stuff Joe

  5. Hi Steve – Thanks for lettin me know your favorites. I like your caption for shot #4, and a few people have remarked that #8 is a classic compo.

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