A sprocket Holga story in 7 photos

One roll of 35mm film shot in a Holga toy camera over the course of a week during lunchtime neighborhood walks. Captions were written after the photos were assembled for this web gallery. This roll got a bit stuck in the camera, and only 8 total images were made before rewinding. Displaying 7 shots from one roll is unusual, 7 out of 8 even more unusual. Enjoy the unusual, or usual. I can’t tell the difference anymore.

6 thoughts on “A sprocket Holga story in 7 photos”

  1. I like the initiative (caption) in your last image. These stories by caption are great. It puts your work into a narrative style (Holga is great for this) which is different than your night photography. Hope to see more.

  2. Jay – Thanks for your encouragement on the Holga stories. These are really fun to do.

    Durkin – Thanks! The scans are pretty straight, only minor tweaking in Lightroom on the color.

  3. Hi Michael – my local lab will do develop only on C-41 film for $5-6, depending on if it’s 35mm or 120 format. I’ve posted a few links to previous “how to” articles on shooting 35mm film in the Holga, Holga-rama, and scanning with borders. Cheers – Joe

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