Cultivating what’s bubbling underneath, and a Fall trip to nowhere in particular

The world of online photography keeps churning out more content than I can absorb. I’ve been in a space lately where the extra food for my brain is not often necessary. This seems to be helping my picture making. Thinking less. When you get to a certain point with an instrument, there are times when you can pick it up and play and the music comes out of some deep subconscious place and you instinctively know that all things are simple and good and pure. No songs, no scales, no rules, no patterns, just the fingers and body moving almost on auto-pilot from the mysterious inner workings. I’ve been touching the edges of this place again after not being able to find my way there for awhile. The more I let go of both online and offline distractions, let go of judging, pressure, and rules, the more I can cultivate a headspace that nurtures a picture making zone without pretensions. Just a strange sort of joy bubbling underneath the surface somewhere. Trying to talk about this place can make it disappear. Forget I said anything. I’m going out into the crisp Fall day to wander around and photograph now.

3 thoughts on “Cultivating what’s bubbling underneath, and a Fall trip to nowhere in particular”

  1. Getting into that “picture making zone without pretensions” is the place I desire greatly to be in. Not often does it happen for me.

    Sometimes this place is more stimulating and joyous than the pictures themselves. The photos will bring back the great memories of the experience, but just floating along in that state of enhanced conciousness (while connecting deeply with the environment and using the camera to absorb it into a permanent memory other than in your head) is the climax of the whole picture/photo making process. No drugs needed (well, a little beer doesn’t hurt :-)

    I should wander out into our damp, humid, semi-cool “fall” to take some photos, but there are many diapers to change and sleep to catch up on… :-)

  2. Thanks, Mike!

    Hi TJ – yes indeed. Letting go of the results, and just opening up to the experience. But taking care of the basics first is important, too! :)

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