Black Friday: A Nature Story

The images above were shot on a challenging 12.3 mile hike on Pleasanton Ridge. Unlike some previous narratives that were constructed while reviewing images, this story started unfolding during the picture making process. I’m enjoying the creation of these loose, abstract stories, and I hope the extra dimension adds an imaginative spark for a few of you.

5 thoughts on “Black Friday: A Nature Story”

  1. Thanks, JW!

    And to answer an offline question from another reader, all of these images were shot with a Ricoh GRDII point and shoot. Great little camera.

  2. Interesting to see what you’ve done, Joe. I’ve wondered about how to go about this sort of thing as well, the discovery of a new locale, akin to taking a trip. In an earlier era I might have attempted something using the film/video motion capture medium. But it always seemed to be too deeply locked into straight narratives, so a collection of stills now seems much more appropriate.

    Here is my recent animal remains discovery.

  3. Thanks, Kent. Developing abstract narratives from a series of photos shot during the course of one day has been a rewarding excercise in storytelling so far.

    The animal remains shot on your site is great — really like the interplay between the bones and rocks.

  4. Now I get it! Duh… The first time through I missed the words completely. I’m so used to looking at photographs, that I didn’t see your text. It wasn’t until I looked at “Lunch and a Boat Ride” that I noticed your story. Yikes, it’s even better now. I’m a big believer in the use of text with photographs, no matter what the experts say about having to communicate with your imagery.

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