Lunch, and a strange boat ride

The images above were photographed during a 6 hour urban adventure in downtown Oakland and along Lake Merritt. All of the images were shot with a Lensbaby Composer with the plastic optic, except one image that uses the zone plate. The highlight of the day was the Bonsai Garden at Lakeside Park — a beautiful, serene place that I definitely plan to visit again.

2 thoughts on “Lunch, and a strange boat ride”

  1. I received notice that my composer and the plastic optic shipped this week. I’ll pick it up in TX during the Xmas holidays. Do you remember which aperture you were using with it? My plan is to crop square and vigenette….more holgaish. But I like what you did.

  2. The first few shots were with the f/5.6 disc, but most are with the f/8 disc. I’m using a full frame camera (Canon 5D). When I started using the Original Lensbaby I thought most images would be cropped to square. Mimicking the Holga look would require you to keep the Lensbaby focus centered and crop off the sides (or top/bottom for verticals). I’ve found I like to bend (or now tilt) the Lensbaby to push focus left, right, top or bottom — this can result in more dynamic photos, but also makes cropping tougher due to 2 reasons:

    * The bent, blurry parts are really interesting and I don’t want to crop ‘em!
    * Having the focus point in different places creates different blur effects that don’t have a consistent “look” when cropped to square

    I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts about square vs. 3:2 aspect ratio after you’ve played with the lens for awhile!

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