A Dozen Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

I can hardly contain myself -- by Joe Reifer

I can hardly contain myself — by Joe Reifer

All the product links on this list will take you to B&H Photo (except the flashlight, which is available on Amazon). B&H is an honest, reliable place to buy photo gear at excellent prices. I hope some of these ideas are useful!

  1. Hands on Guide to Creative Lighting DVD – Even though this video uses Nikon flashes, Bob Krist and Joe McNally offer a wealth of lighting techniques and strategies that are useful for anyone who’s interested in shooting portraits on location. — $39.95
  2. Canon TC-80N3 Timer Remote — A must for night photographers. I used a standard remote and a kitchen timer for a long time. Once I got a TC-80N3 I kicked myself for not doing it sooner. — $136.95, or Nikon MC-36 Remote — $129.95
  3. Streamlight Stinger Flashlight — well made, very bright, beautiful warm light, rechargeable. Expensive but so worth it. — $82.23
  4. Zeiss Lens Cleaning Kit — Forget ROR or whatever brand of cleaning liquid you’re using. The Zeiss fluid is the best I’ve tried. No streaks, no residue. — $23.00
  5. Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet — If you do a lot of retouching or selective adjustments using masks in Photoshop, this graphics tablet has a great feature set, size, and value. — $199.95
  6. Domke F-3X Ballistic Shoulder Bag — I’m a recovering camera bag-o-holic. The black ballistic nylon Domke F-3 (super compact) is still my favorite shoulder bag. The perfect size for many different shooting applications and camera combinations when traveling light. — $109.95
  7. Lightroom 2 Software — Why not get organized in 2009. — $299.95, or upgrade to version 2, it’s a big improvement — $99.95
  8. Eye-One Display 2 or Spyder 3 monitor calibration tools — is your monitor profiled? Do your prints match your monitor? If not, start here. Those with more budget may want to investigate Color Eyes Software. — $150-325.
  9. Lexar UDMA Dual Slot USB 2.0 Card Reader — sporting slots for Compactflash and SD memory cards, this speedy card reader saves you time, and is only 20 bucks — $39.95 ($19.95 after rebate)
  10. Lexar 8GB UDMA 300x Compact Flash Memory Card – For sports and action photography, a fast memory card is a must. — $111.95 ($71.95 after $40 rebate)
  11. Western Digital 250GB Portable USB 2 Harddrive — I always carry a portable backup drive when traveling, and either keep it in my bag or in the car. Cheap insurance against computer failure or theft. — $86.95
  12. Giottos Rocket Blower — An extremely useful and cool looking cleaning accessory. — $13.95
  13. Lucky Idea #13 is another Holga: perhaps a Holga 135PC 35mm pinhole camera, or the super cool Holga 120 wide angle pinhole camera, or my personal fave, the Holga 120N Commando.

4 thoughts on “A Dozen Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers”

  1. Good suggestions, Joe. Thanks!

    I’d also suggest, as an alternative to the Rocket Blower, the Giottos Q-ball.

    I’ve got both of them, and I find the Q-ball is about the same in “blow capacity” but it’s a bit shorter. The nozzle also folds down about 45° which can be useful – it definitely makes the thing a little smaller and easier to pack in your bag (that’s what I didn’t like about the Rocket – it’s really tall and the nozzle is stiff).

    Either device provides an excellent conversation piece amongst non-photographers. I like to set mine out on the table a see what people say. “Pardon me, is that a sex toy?” :-)

  2. Hi TJ – Thanks for the tip about the Q-ball – looks like a great option for the travel kit, and also for impressing non-photographer friends. :)

  3. That Nikon wireless remote looks fun, but I don’t think it has a timer. Night photographers are better off with the wired one, MC-36. It’s also $40 cheaper.

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