3 thoughts on “We’re going for a joyride”

  1. Hello,
    I am following with great interest your recent (relatively to my time scale) attempt in telling a story through a sequence of pictures. I am, almost, in the same thing. I am still doubtful circa the best way to sequence things. The serial solution seems a bit to constrictive and more word oriented. What do you think about ? Don’t you feel some kind of limitation in serializing ?

  2. Yeh Joe,
    Are these selected and sequenced after coming home and while sitting at the computer, or before you even pick up the camera and go out the door to photograph?

  3. Mauro – a linear, serial container is what I’ve got to work with — I’m enjoying the abstract interplay between the words and pictures. Have you looked at Jeff Bridges website? I really like the loose, hand-drawn style. Too busy shooting, processing, editing, organizing, and printing to play much with the container right now.

    Kent – the process here is fast and loose. I shoot what I shoot – it’s a mix of long walks and everyday life. Image selection is quick and intuitive. I upload a folder of images to an automatic gallery creation tool, and enter the captions right in the tool. The story is only subconsciously considered in the image selection process before being forced to quickly write the text to go with the images. So far it’s been a fun experiment!

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