15 thoughts on “Mad Mouse Rollercoaster”

  1. Very cool, Joe. Very creepy. I wouldn’t let my son ride on the thing :-)

    I like the purple and orange color combo. The backlit fog gives the coaster a very ominous look.

    Nice work on the pano! Well done!

  2. DT – Thanks!

    Jon – Glad you dig the lighthouses. Would be up for another trip up there in the Spring.

    TJ – Thanks – purple against orange is one of my favorite color combos. I don’t think this thing runs anymore.

    Troy – The photo is 1000 pixels wide. Folks with a small browser can now click on the image to open in a new window without any blog template overlay.

  3. Yay, Camp Outback! It’s awesome to wander around in there, falling-down overgrown old little amusement parks are so fun. There’s the remnants of a haunted house in there, too. CREEPY, even during daylight. Folks I know throw a monthly campout up there, you should come along sometime…they start back up in Spring. Ping me on Tribe (now people.tribe.net/brody) if you want Details!

  4. Chris – Thanks!

    Heather – coupla photos from the haunted house coming up later this week. A very cool place. I’m sure Spring is much warmer than January for camping!

    Andy – thanks for the link.

  5. Really cool shot. It looks like the beginning of a horror movie with the fog in the background. I am amazed that the exposure length was 3 minutes for each but yet everything lookls still and like it was taken at once. In some ways, I think it is the stillness that gives it a creepy feel.

  6. Tim – Chris Faust’s book is excellent. Looking forward to seeing what people cook up for the Panocturnists!

    Howard – thanks. The moon was bright high overhead, but the fog on the ground was still (and indeed creepy). Not having clouds or star trails to worry about in the pano stitching made things pretty easy to stitch using Photomerge in Photoshop CS3.

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