J’s Amusements Park

Night photography of a closed-down amusement park that includes a rollercoaster, go-kart track, and haunted house. Many thanks to the on-site owner for granting access. A beautiful place with intense energy. Shot during the January 2008 full moon.

9 thoughts on “J’s Amusements Park”

  1. Nice collection Joe! The Waterslide Pool and Haunted Truck shot is my fave! It looks like a movie still from Twin Peaks. I love the blues and greens, and the poor poor mannequin, that is a mannequin right?

  2. Andy – thanks. The waterslide sign shot is tighter than I normally shoot, which was necessary due to the difficult sodium vapor lighting – turned out well. The Haunted House shot is light painted, as the moon is behind all this stuff.

    Troy – thanks!

    Gabe – the haunted truck shot light painting makes it look like there’s someone inside the truck. And yes, that is a mannequin!

  3. Bravo, Joe! A very nice series. You’ve got the “night look” down nicely – the colors are just right. The haunted house must have been a trip, especially if you were there alone :-)

    I like the mannequin in the pool with the animal tracks in the pool scum. Bizzare and creepy.

    The roller coaster shots are my favorite of the series. I really like the first one (the 2nd of the whole series). It has a very nice night look and also a dream-like quality. It looks like a scene out of a well done ghost/horror/fantasy movie (think Tim Burton).

    The last shot is a great alternate view from the pano scene you posted earlier. I still love that orange and purple combo.

    This is excellent photography, thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Mike – thanks! Another trip may be in order.

    TJ – It’s always really interesting to hear which shots people like and why — appreciate the comments about getting the night look right and that the shots look dream-like. That’s my aim.

    Chris – I don’t quite have the same budget as Crewdson, but I do the best I can with what I’ve got (an $80 flashlight and some chocolate covered espresso beans).

    Joergen – the pano was an experiment that turned out well. A compliment on a pano shot from someone with your portfolio/experience is high praise indeed. Thanks!

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