4 thoughts on “Tropical Night Flight (Seeing Things)”

  1. Joe, are there a lot of these “planes on poles” in your area? I can’t think of a single one around here, without going to the Air & Space Museum in D.C. I don’t think I could do night photos there though. How much did the moonlight contribute to this exposure? It seems to be mostly from the street light – or is that the moon itself?

  2. Hi Kent – there were 3, and now 2 remain. Moonlight contributed quite a bit to the exposure and sky color, but that pesky orange sodium vapor lighting is what shows. I noticed the flare from a street lamp on the bottom right when setting up a test shot even using a lens hood — took the shot anyways just for the effect, then changed position and re-shot without it. It’s weirder with it in, so there you have it.

  3. Yeah, go w/ the weird.It’s a pretty weird composition anyway, so why not emphasize it? I hadn’t realized it yesterday, but tonight I’m seeing how you’ve made it look like the plane is flying this low over you, and you’re about to get blown away – literally! – by the jet blast. What’s that John Cusak movie where he and Billy Bob Thornton do that? They stand out on the runway and wait to get blown around by landing aircraft? Pushing Tin – not very good, as I recall.

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