Eye Cones, Canon 5D Mark II and Lexar rebates

Eye Cones -- by Joe Reifer

Eye Cones — by Joe Reifer

As of this morning, the Canon 5D Mark II is in stock at B&H Photo. Canon also has a $200 rebate on a camera/lens/flash combo that expires in a few days:  Buy a current model camera body (including the 5D Mark II), AND one of four L lenses (24-70/2.8L, 24-105/4L IS, 85/1.2L II, or 70-200/2.8L IS) AND a 580EX II Speedlight.

Yeah, a camera, lens and flash is a lot of stuff to buy in today’s economy, but if you’re switching Digital SLR teams in order to use the Canon 5D Mark II,  this offer will save you 200 bucks. I”ll be writing an article on using the Canon 5D Mark II for night photography next month. The camera is a big improvement over the original 5D in a few important areas of concern to night photographers — most significantly the greatly improved battery life, and clearner long exposures without noise reduction.

With 25 MB RAW files from the 21 megapixel sensor, two other very important pieces of gear to consider are a fast, higher capacity compact flash card, and a fast UDMA card reader. The following items have a rebate until March 1st:

And if all of this stuff seems way over the top, maybe a Commando Camoflauge Holga is within your budget at $36.99.

6 thoughts on “Eye Cones, Canon 5D Mark II and Lexar rebates”

  1. I’d like myself one of those hotcakes. I really do! I just bought the 40D last year though, so i am kind of reluctant on paying that much money again. I’ll probably end up waiting another one and a half years or so. By then, the 40D has done its duty, the mkIII is about to come out and the price will fall. At least, i hope so.

  2. A little over 3 years ago I bought an original 5D for $2700. Now they’re selling for $1200 on the used market. A depreciation cost of $500 per year is pretty reasonable. The same thing will happen with the 5D Mark II.

  3. I am planning on getting a 5D MKII in the next few months and would be really interested in your review on using it for night photos. I really haven’t done any night photography, but would like to try and am thinking that the low noise on the 5D MKII would be a real boon for that.

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