To lunch, and then across town

The images above were shot on a walk this afternoon that started at MacArthur BART in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, and then proceeded through North Oakland and South Berkeley and over to West Berkeley. We stopped in to visit Gamelan Sekar Jaya at their open house — not only are these folks amazingly talented musicians and dancers, they’re really nice people! Continuing the journey, we made a pit stop at Bake Sale Betty on 51st and Telegraph, and then meandered up into South Berkeley, eventually reaching the end of the walk at North Berkeley BART. The route was about 5.5 miles total. Cool music, good eats, and lots of photos!

Speaking of photos, most of the images above were shot with an Olympus 28mm f/3.5 manual focus lens on a Canon 5D Mark II with an OM-EOS adapter. The lens is about 1.3″ long, and weighs in at just over 6 ounces — it’s tiny, making the digital SLR much more discrete for street shooting. With a proper manual focus scale, it’s easy to just set the lens to f/8 with the camera on aperture priority, and shoot without worrying about focusing. With closer and more static compensations I experimented with using Live View to check the focus. Overall I’m pleased with the little Olympus, especially for the price ($17 including caps, hood, and case!). A few images were shot with the Lensbaby Composer with the Zone Plate Optic — look for my review of the Composer on The Online Photographer soon.

2 thoughts on “To lunch, and then across town”

  1. Joe, what’s up w/ the covered cars? They keep appearing all over Berkeley. I’ve never seen one around here, people tend to drive their cars or abandon them…

  2. Kent – covered cars are definitely a thing in California. Not sure why, although garage space being used for other purposes and owning too many cars are likely culprits.

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