8 thoughts on “Wally”

  1. Thanks! This was 4 nights before the full moon, so the moon was only about 80% full. Digital exposures were 6 minutes at f/8 ISO 200. With film reciprocity, a good E100VS exposure for f/8 would be 20 minutes. Moving to f/11 takes you to 40 minutes, but with another 1/2 stop added for additional reciprocity failure, the one hour exposures worked really well. A few nights later when the moon was more full exposures were more like 40 minutes at f/11.

  2. Joe,

    Love the image.

    Love the fact that its film.

    Are you shooting all film at the moment or is this a one off?

    Best Wishes and thanks again for the donated print towards the Falmouth Print Auction!


  3. One of my new fav JR images. Very nice composition Joe and it looks like you nailed the exposure for a proper balance of the car and sky. I also like how the large foreground area shows the environment and adds attention toward the car. I bet there is plenty of foreground detail considering a wide angle lens at F11. Good combo for this composition.

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