Juvenile Hall

The images below are of a juvenile justice center (juvenile detention facility) that had recently been closed and was slated to be demolished. I was granted a full day of access in November 2007, and again in February 2008, under the condition that I not post photos until the site was gone. I would like to thank my contact for permission to shoot, and will be working on creating a small book of photos as a record of this facility.

4 thoughts on “Juvenile Hall”

  1. It almost looks like this place was up and running and everyone just disappeared overnight. Glad I never had to go to this place.

    Them: “Focus. Stay Positive!”

    Me: “Uh, yeah, but stay away from me with those dirty instruments and stop holding me down in your creepy ‘Reflection Rooms’ with those leather wrist straps.”

    It is a little disturbing thinking they were just kids. Nice exploration with your camera.

  2. Thanks, Jay. There was definitely a post-nuclear feeling — really felt like the only thing missing was the people. Having the power still on helped emphasize this atmosphere. A haunting and intense place to photograph.

  3. Yeah, that “reflection room” used less lettering than “solitary confinement.” A lot if interesting student art work in there and Jay’s right about that disappeared over night feel. Creepy.
    Not sure what the outside looked like but this place didn’t look to be in bad shape. Demolished for new construction?

  4. Hi Tim – The artwork and decor were my favorite part of visiting the site. The facility was old, rough around the edges, and apparently had design challenges that made operational expenses high. A new facility was constructed right up the road from where this one used to be.

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