Pearsonville Junkyard, March 2009, Part I

Below are 10 images from last month’s Pearsonville Night Photography and Light Painting Workshop. Eight out of the ten images have some sort of light painting. Exposure times are anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Have a look at the Pearsonville Workshop Flickr Group for amazing images from photographers who attended the workshop. More full moon junkyard photos soon!

14 thoughts on “Pearsonville Junkyard, March 2009, Part I”

  1. This workshop is the gift that keeps on giving! I wish I had been more “mobile” at Pearsonville so that I could have generated more work. Maybe next time. I noticed in a few of these images, the snow capped peak has some minimal cloud cover. What a great effect. I didn’t capture that in any of mine that night. Great stars on #4!

  2. Tim – Thanks! Balancing the time spent working on each shot with overall shooting volume is tough at this place.
    Troy – Yes!
    Gabriel – Thanks! Some ghosts have sheets, others are made of light.
    David – Those clouds didn’t want to come over the mountain, but in some ways that was OK.

  3. I really love the clouds, the subtlety of the lighting, which flashlights did you light the windows with?

    As far as going again, I have to. I’m going to bring my skeleton (or 2 or 3).

  4. I’ve come into possession of a few full size prop skeletons that I am intending to use. I figured I could use a radioflyer to move them around the yard.

  5. Cody- I think I’d have a stroke if I saw a skeleton floating towards me in the middle of the yard! You could have a lot of fun with that.

  6. #1 – Really smooth lighting.
    #3 – Excellent composition.
    #6 – Dia-Log is not the main subject? This is akin to Blasphemy!
    #8 – Fresh take on that one… nice.
    #10 – Everybody’s favorite Gigantress. Looks like she changed her skirt for you.

    Great set of photos. Nice to see your new Pearsonville shots and thanks for being willing to teach knuckleheads like me your techniques.

  7. Great shots! I personally love #3 with the light emanating from the inside of the old car. Very eerie….looks like a frame from the Twilight Zone!

  8. Cody – skeletons in the junkyard will be fun. Maybe Tim has an idea — make them levitate using fishing line?
    Steve – thanks for letting me know which ones you like! Was wondering if someone would comment on the Dialog truck in shot #6.
    Howard – thanks!

  9. I’ll help with the fishing line on the skeleton(s) Maybe we could get the ghost and the skeleton together for a photo shoot!

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