Pearsonville Junkyard, March 2009, Part II

Below is the final round of images from last month’s full moon night photography workshop. Always interesting to hear which ones are your favorites!
The April full moon is coming up in a few days — have fun out there!

11 thoughts on “Pearsonville Junkyard, March 2009, Part II”

  1. Love the stars in Pettibone and South Central. What were your camera settings for Pettibone? You really seem to be able to pull the stars into an image.

  2. The stars to the SW were really bright — I shot two takes of Pettibone at 5 minutes each, and stacked the sky portion of the shot for 10 minute star trails. The South Central image was two takes at 10 minutes each stacked for 20 minute trails. The 10 minute exposures on the 5D Mark II were very clean without using in-camera noise reduction. A few of the images here have a selective contrast adjustment on the sky to bring out the star trails — this technique would probably be another interesting post-processing demo.

  3. Yeah the interplay between the equipment shapes and the stars in pettibone really makes it. Nice mix of the cool and warm in 3 Kaiser.

  4. I really like untitled #56 and untitled #69–the lighting is very dramatic and the moon is suggested just out of view at the top of the frame. I am also really liking “F”–that truck has an attitude which is conveyed beautifully here.

  5. David D – Thanks!

    David E – #56 and #69 use a similar technique where the overall image is underexposed, and only the light painted portions have a bright tonality. The blue sky becomes like a studio backdrop. Sometimes these translate better as a print than online. The F truck is one of my favorites, too.

  6. Very nice work, Joe. It’s impressive that you lead a workshop out there and also shot these photos.

    I really like Untitled #56. The colors and tones are so clear and well defined on the cars. It’s a nice, quiet moment that is also haunting. The sky is indeed a nice “backdrop”.

    I also like “Stay Out Of Here!” The bare tree branches add a lot of interest (spookiness is perhaps a better word).

    Pettibone is another fav. I really like the star trails in this one. I like how you can still recognize Orion. I also like the depth in this scene and how the mountains add a “big” feel to it. I kinda wish the white truck on the left was much further back in the scene, it just seems a little close to me.

    In all your recent Pearsonville work, the light painting is just damn good. I forget that I’m looking at objects that were hit with artificial light. Very well done!

  7. TJ – Thanks for taking the time for the detailed comments. Forgetting that the scene was light painted is really one of the best compliments I could get on these images! Cheers – Joe

  8. Joe, this work is amazing. Spectacular rich color and depth in each and every shot! You did these justice, that’s for sure. I especially love this image’s color palette.

  9. the trails on pettibone couldn’t be better. They draw your eye right into the big hunk o’ metal. Very nice.
    The last shot is perfect as well. The composition makes it happen. Nice job.

  10. untitled #69 & #26! Roar!

    I know you like to go easy on the light painting but I prefer the added contrast that comes from it. #69 is lit really well and is very natural. It mimics a light source farther away that is reflecting off objects at the location. Nice job as always Joe.

  11. Jody – thanks!

    Chris – thanks!

    Jay – appreciate the feedback! The lighting on #69 was one of the most complex setups, with pretty hard light.

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