Walking From Berkeley To Orinda

Last Saturday we walked from West Berkeley to Orinda BART.

6 thoughts on “Walking From Berkeley To Orinda”

  1. Trails spiked w/ nails? This is for real? I’ve heard of barbed wire across streams to catch paddlers, but this is a new one. As in rusty, bent nails sticking up out of pieces of old lumber? What’s the warning amount to?

  2. Tim – he looks like I felt at the time.

    Kent – We didn’t see any nails, just a sign that warned about them. The area with the sign is a singletrack trail close to a suburban development, and the trail is for hikers/horses only. Perhaps this was an anti-mountain bike contingent? Teenage vandals? Disgruntled carpenters?

  3. Yikes, many theories. But I enjoyed the journey, in spite of the hazards, steep climbs, lack of sidewalks, and need for permits. One doesn’t simply take off in the woods in CA. Nor much of anywhere, I guess.

  4. Looks like fun. How far was the hike to Orinda?

    Your poppies reminded me of my hike up Mitchell Canyon last weekend. It’s a great time for wildflowers.

  5. Kent – with how busy the Bay Area is, I’m often surprised how few people are out. The steeper and longer the hike, the fewer the people.

    Steve – About 10-11 miles. I tried to map it on Google, but couldn’t get all the trails to work on the map. Yeah, flowers are go!

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