Classic Cars Under the Moonlight

For the April full moon I journeyed North to photograph a superb classic car dismantler in Williams, CA. Thanks to Mike Hows and Troy Paiva for inviting me along, and big thanks to John for giving us permission to photograph these amazing cars!

7 thoughts on “Classic Cars Under the Moonlight”

  1. Mike – thanks!

    Jay – Yeah, super cool place. Hope to go back soon. Not sure about the car on the left in #60 – will find out next time!

  2. That car on the left in #60 is an early ’50s Cadillac flower car. It’s essentially a Cadillac El Camino used in funeral processions. It would be filled with flowers and it would follow the hearse. Very rare, very cool.

  3. Man, the Edsel looks sick! Ever since I did the workshop and showed off some of the images, people are telling me about some great locations out here I didn’t know about. So, I don’t have to be so jealous of all the great opportunities you guys have out west!

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