Dear CLUI: Exploring land use in Novato, CA

This hike would make an excellent CLUI-style field trip. I’ve provided a list of online resources below. The route for the 7-mile hike through LGVSD and McInnis that we designed is a bit complex. If enough people are interested in a tour of this area, I may be willing to lead a hike. If you decide to do this adventure on your own, feel free to contact me for a few key route details.

3 thoughts on “Dear CLUI: Exploring land use in Novato, CA”

  1. Nice hike, Joe. Who needs to fly half way around the planet to find exotic locations?

    BTW, I’m having trouble w/ the captions on the viewer – only on this set. They’re getting truncated at both front and back ends of the text, what I guess would be about 700 pixels = the width of the Simpleviewer window.

  2. Kent – indeed. What monitor resolution are you using? This particular gallery has an image that’s 975 pixels wide, which may be causing the issue.

  3. Joe, never mind, my bad. Once I maximize the browser window, the text fits fine. But this is the first time I’ve had to do this…

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