6 thoughts on “Photography Business Advice From A Famous Writer”

  1. Straight out of, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

    He makes a very good point, but I don’t think he’s going to win many converts with than attitude like that.


  2. Wonder how much he was paid for the YouTube video? Or does he work for nothing–sometimes.

  3. Andy – maybe not the best way to conduct business, but I admire his direct and passionate communication style.
    Menlo – I’m surprised he hasn’t issued a DMCA take-down notice – he’s known for fiercely protecting his copyright.

  4. Youtube isn’t making money by having it on the youtube servers though. WB is making money selling the DVD the interview appears on. It’s a huge distinction. At least it is for me. If you make money with my art, then I insist on a cut. If you’re blogging or displaying it in a not-for-pay format, I don’t really mind if my work gets disseminated. So long as I get credit.

    I agree with Ellison 100%. Fucking amateurs.

    And substitute the word artist with writer.

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