Losing It: Write your own caption contest

Your assignment: Write a dada word jazz narrative to go along with the 10 sprocket Holga images below. Post your entry in the comments with the caption for each image on a separate line. Winner gets a 12″ print of this image. One entry per person. You have until June 1st. Keep it weird and have fun!

14 thoughts on “Losing It: Write your own caption contest”

  1. I’m thinking about buying a fixer-upper.
    I know where I can get some nice chairs that only smell like pee a little.
    The neighborhood’s not too bad.
    It seems like Joy is everywhere these days.
    Even in the fortified compounds.
    I really do hate being tied down though.
    Maybe I should just live in the truck.
    The toolbox makes a good dresser.
    Of course, I’d have to live more simply.
    And hopefully have enough headroom.

  2. I always liked Holga’s house: its breezy architecture,
    the matching Barcoloungers.
    We would keep most of the blinds drawn all day.
    Until William Keller appeared,
    drifting down from his topiarian daydream.
    He never mentioned the trees he hobbled,
    or the comforts he relocated
    - some in plain sight;
    others under the proud watchful eyes of the guardians.
    In the end, we didn’t actually SEE him heading west . . .

  3. Why do I visit your website?

    When I win, I want it be framed in gold leaf.

    How about a print 17.235 x 98??

  4. Sorry, I meant to say “When I win, I want it TO be framed in gold leaf.”

    (I hate grammatical errors)

  5. Troy – well done.
    Tim – well done.
    Steve – I can print these sprocket images up to 48″ wide. Not sure about the gold leaf. You gotta write a story to go with the pitchers to be in the runnin’ tho’.

  6. Mom and Pop believed in deferred maintenance.
    But they enjoyed matching recliners.
    And were always very patriotic.
    They had to move out when they got upside down.
    They felt the bustle in their hedgerow.
    Property values dropped when the body was found tied to the old oak tree.
    They packed their stuff into Dad’s old truck.
    He used to be a contractor, back in the good days.
    The plaster of Paris lions wouldn’t fit so had to stay out front.
    And now they are living in their “RV”

  7. the battered door stands ruined
    the chairs expelled outdoors
    some still fly the flag of hope
    while others leave the scene
    chaos grows, things slide downhill
    the forest grows dark & mean

    then out through the flowers
    whitened and blinded by time
    to the resting place of lions
    lofted among the trees

    Joe, I want mine framed in Platinum!!!

  8. The microburst took my front porch.
    Trotsky and Stalin were related through their 3rd cousins.
    My magic carpet landed in the desert far from civilization.
    Oh Joy Oh Joy Look @ Me!
    “We want a – shrubbery!”
    But Tarzan hung up his ropes & retired due to poor box office.
    Yee haw! Let’s git this party started!
    Hi Ho Hi Ho off to work I owe
    Thing is, the irony is downright galling.
    Auf wiedersehen Westfalia…

  9. A strong showing late in the game from Kent, including a Python reference!

    Y’all are cracking me up. Glad so many people decided to participate!

  10. Dave – There were so many good entries, but yours was my favorite. Send me an email with your shipping address and I’ll get a print out to ya!

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