Road Trip Meditations: Are You Ready For The Country?

5 thoughts on “Road Trip Meditations: Are You Ready For The Country?”

  1. One of these days your gonna call and tell me you bought a trailer with fake shingles and will be moving to the desert. Before that happens I hope we get to do another road trip together. We can bring those small boxes that record light and produce a likeness of things when the box is aimed at a corresponding direction while pressing funny buttons.

    Did you pull over and hit the “Discount” with the Mamiya? or 5D?

  2. Cody – glad yr fired up, have fun in the desert!

    Jay – yeah man, last summer was fun, let’s do it again. Have boxes will travel. Almost everything in this set was shot with a Ricoh GRD II out of a car window. I was shooting square format DNGs with the camera zone focused. Great little camera.

    Andy – I think all the detritus on the left in the last shot is bee boxes for pollinatin’ the crops.

  3. Nice trip. Someday soon I’ve got to get back to the desert. The green around here is getting oppressive. What’s with “Beer”? Is there a beer can in there on the right? Can’t quite see it. These are coyotes? Much better than my animal remains.

    What crops are they growing in the vicinity of the final frame?

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