Night Photography: Old Maui High School

Old Maui High School -- by Joe Reifer

Old Maui High School — by Joe Reifer

Designed by architect Charles W. Dickey, this mission-style administration and classroom building at the Old Maui High School was open from 1921-1971. Read more about the fascinating history of the school and current preservation efforts at

Many thanks to the Friends of Old Maui High School for permission to photograph the building. The image above is a 5 minute exposure that was lit primarily by moonlight. While the shutter was open I used a flashlight to brighten the stone arches.

4 thoughts on “Night Photography: Old Maui High School”

  1. Thanks, Gabe! Found the location in advance and made contact regarding photography. Hope the full moon is smiling on you as well!

  2. this maui high school, looks better than the maui high they have today. id rather go to the old one then stay here at the sorta new one. it looks more clean, and more well lets face it BETTER…

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