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Just heard from Stephen at the amazing Oddball Film & Video that the film Guest of Cindy Sherman is now screening in San Francisco at the Roxie Theater in the Mission District [Map]. Here’s an interview with filmmaker Paul H-O on, and a write up from Oddball’s private screening last Fall. If you live in the Bay Area, Oddball’s email list is highly recommended. Here’s the Guest of Cindy Sherman trailer:

Here’s a few quotes from the film:

“Overall the art world is bullshit.” – Eric Bogosian
“It’s one blow job after another.”- David Ross, Whitney Museum of Art
“I like the elitism of the art world. I think art for the people is a terrible idea.” – John Waters

Update: I saw the film and it’s thought provoking and recommended. The funny thing is that Cindy Sherman seems like the nicest most down to earth person, and filmmaker Paul H-O seems like a whiney complainer. According to this 2008 interview with Paul H-O, Cindy Sherman had quite a bit of control over what got shown in the final film and what didn’t. A little bit of further research yielded a great article on The American Prospect called Portrait of Misogyny that has some very interesting commentary about art world bubbles and gender roles. Guest of Cindy Sherman runs through Thursday at the Roxie.

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  1. All really interesting, but we’ll have to wait for Netflix. All the more so since I recently met Cindy while working on her sister’s house. Her visit coincided with a local concert date by David Byrne. Indeed she gives the impression of being a totally “normal” person, and her sister says she’s “Just Cindy.”

  2. If you have cable, apparently this film has played on the Sundance channel.
    I don’t want to turn this into a photography superstar gossip blog or anything, but word on the street is Cindy Sherman and David Byrne are dating.

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