The beauty of the desert will be etched in my memory forever

The story below was constructed using found photographs and postcards from today’s trip to the Alameda Antiques Fair. Photos #3-4 are from the Union Oil Company’s Natural Color Photographic Scenes of the West (1939), and the Death Valley Viewmaster reel is pretty good!

6 thoughts on “The beauty of the desert will be etched in my memory forever”

  1. I had to laugh, Joe – love those vintage images of Death Valley – been thinking about DV and our discussion – then I saw the cartoon about Tecopa Springs (just outside the south end of Death Valley, past Shoshone) – ever been there? Trippy place, seems strangely Salton Sea-like. And, further south, family-owned China Ranch! – It’s just out the Old Spanish Trail past Tecopa). Date milkshakes to die for, amid the hot desert sun – in an isolated narrow little canyon. They have a little cottage there that they rent out to groups – mostly film production crews from Los Angeles – always thought it’d be an interesting place for a Workshop!

  2. Hey Tim – I was thinking about Tecopa because Mark Tucker went through there recently and I was impressed by the Salton Sea-esque vibe of his images. Haven’t been to China Ranch either, and I’m a big date shake fan, so I’ll make it a point to roll through there on my next trip!

  3. Have you still got a Viewmaster viewer to look at those reels? We’ve got one around here somewhere. My daughter was a collector for a period of time.

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