11 thoughts on “Night Photography: Sutro Baths (Haunted)”

  1. Thanks, fellas! Yeah, it was nice out there. Only one other photographer was out, and it turns out I knew him – small world. Effective exposure time is 20 minutes. Two exposures were stacked for longer star trails – each exposure was 10 minutes at f/9.5 ISO 200. No ghosting was done in the tunnel, but there were inebriated kids running around in there as usual.

  2. Nice how that big star trail worked out aiming right at the ghost. Almost called you last night when I got home earlier than I’d expected. Glad you had fun.

  3. Steve – thanks. I did a previous take and noted the star trail position before committing to 20 minutes.
    Brad – thanks. The surf was really pounding out there the other night. Fun place to hang out and absorb the atmosphere.
    Mauro – very cool link to the infrared work – thanks for bringing that to my attention!

  4. I was happy to meet you again, Joe. This shot is very cool and gorgeous! Thank you for everything at that time. By the way, I went to Sutro Bath again in last night after the Tim’s lecture. It was clear night again at Sutro Bath.

  5. Eiji – thanks! Great to see you again. I’m glad you had another night of shooting at the Sutro Baths, and I’m looking forward to seeing your images!

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