Honey, there’s a very large hand parked in the driveway

Hand -- by Joe Reifer

Hand — by Joe Reifer

I have no explanation. No Photoshop was used, just a Holga. Check out the Google Street View of the house with the large hand sculpture in the driveway, located in the Ingleside neighborhood of San Francisco, near Brooks Park. Perhaps a caption contest is in order?

6 thoughts on “Honey, there’s a very large hand parked in the driveway”

  1. Hah! Back in the ’60′s I remember some plastic chairs that were in the shape of a large hand. You were supposed to sit in/on the palm.

    I wonder how long the hand in your picture has been there.

  2. Tim – someone had to do it….
    Matthew – nice work, that made me cuckle.
    Germaine – I’ve seen one of those chairs in a mid-century modern furniture store. I didn’t buy it. I’m curious about when the hand sculpture was made, too.
    Andy – Big gloves.
    David – That’s pretty weird, and it made me realize that nobody has mentioned Cousin It from the Addams Family.

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