Night Photography: Rear Window

Rear Window -- by Joe Reifer

Rear Window — by Joe Reifer

What a marvelous piece of glass, no? The black Plymouth on the right has a unicorn sitcker. The bright spot in the window is the reflection of the full moon. The interior trunk area of both Plymouths were lit by the moon being at just the right angle — there’s no light painting on this image. I believe this car is a 1964 or 1965 Barracuda.

3 thoughts on “Night Photography: Rear Window”

  1. I really like how you keep the glowing horizon visible in shots like this. For me, that’s what makes the mood in the night shot. You can only get streetlights at night, and it keeps that sense of distance between the junkyard and the city way off in the distance.

  2. Erinn – thanks! That’s what caught my eye.

    Andy – glad you dig vibe with Ridgecrest off in the distance. My favorite kind of light pollution is the far away from me kind.

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