New Rhyolite Ghost Town Night Photography Gallery

Rhyolite Ghost Town Building Ruins -- by Joe Reifer

Rhyolite Ghost Town Building Ruins — by Joe Reifer

I’ve just added a new night photography gallery of Rhyolite ghost town to my website. The gallery includes two ghost images shot back in 2005, including the my first ghost image. The remaining ten images are from last week’s trip to Death Valley. Thanks to Tim Baskerville for having me as a guest instructor at the Nocturnes Death Valley workshop. I enjoyed shooting with all of the enthusiastic, talented participants!

5 thoughts on “New Rhyolite Ghost Town Night Photography Gallery”

  1. I especially like #’s 8, 11, & 12, the last reminding me of “it’s only a shed” that we finished trimming last week.

    Are you concerned about people “procuring” your images when they’re presented in such large versions? I really appreciate you’re displaying them this way, as it does something about my complaint of looking at photos on the web that are too bloody small.

    1. Thanks, Kent. When I step out of my photographer shoes for a minute and try to think like an art lover, art director, or curator, then I realize most photography websites are sub-optimal. The photos are too small. Or someone put a spinning award under your photo. Or there are navigation and usability issues. In short, many designs and popular websites condition us to seeing small photographs surrounded by a bunch of crap that detracts from the work.

      So I’ve put my time and money where my mouth is, and put the work in a container that I love. The images are just about as big as my standard 12×18″ print if you have a big monitor. There’s enough navigation to get where you need to and no more — the image is king. If a few people want to make a screenshot and look at the image more, I’m not worried. If my copyright is infringed I’ll take the appropriate action — that could happen with any size photo.

      A lot of my images translate better at this bigger size. While the initial credit card bill stung just for a second, I don’t regret ponying up for a website with big images at all. I’m thrilled, and I hope a few people looking at the images are, too.

  2. It’s great to see your photos large. No one seems to be doing this online, so I think you’re out on the edge, Joe, and we (I) really appreciate it. I’ve started to put a few images up with links to larger versions, thanks to your lead. Hell, no one looks at my shit anyway, so why should I worry about it getting taken? Let’s go for BIG!

  3. Hi Joe,

    Great new Ghost Town images. Huge Fan of the area and or any ghost towns that remain. Your star trails are really something along with your ghost visitor. Nice details that came out in all that brick too. Heading out to Death Valley next week for a photo workshop. Looking forward to more time in the desert.

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