Night Photography: Website Design Upgrade

A Photo Folio recently released a bunch of new control panel options for fine tuning their web designs. I’ve just updated my portfolio website to their new Design #5 — A video on the APF website goes over the new control panel features in detail. The most significant change is that Design #5 allows you to limit the maximum size that your images will scale to. The previous designs show the images at 1860 x 1140 pixels if the user has an HD monitor like a 23″ or larger cinema display. After taking a look at Google Analytics to see the average monitor size of people looking at my website, I’ve set my images to a maximum size of 1275×850 pixels. Large enough to have a some impact, but not so large that I have concerns about image security or load times. Hats off to A Photo Folio for continuing to improve their interface and design features. I’ve been extremely happy with their service and support since I investigated photography website options back in April. website