Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers: A Few Good Books

Looking for a last minute gift for the photographer on your list? Last year I put together a little B&H list with a few gift ideas for photographers. This year I’ve put together a list of highly recommended books. Today is the last day for free shipping from Amazon with delivery by Christmas.

  1. Roger Ballen’s Boarding House – Shares the top honors for Book of the Year.
  2. The expanded edition of Looking In: Robert Frank’s The Americans. Huge. Thorough. Beautiful. Robert Frank’s proof sheets! Shares the top honors for Book of the Year.
  3. Taryn Simon’s American Index of the Hidden and Unfamiliar is one of my favorite books of the last few years. Absolutely essential.
  4. Troy Paiva turned me on to George Stewart’s classic post-apocalyptic novel from 1949, Earth Abides. Highly recommended.
  5. The Photobook is a permanent fixture in my living room, because it’s so enjoyable. Yes, it’s 50 bucks — if you need something special for the photographer on your list, this book is 50 bucks well spent. The only risk is you’ll also want volume 2.
  6. An interesting essay on Japanese aesthetics, In Praise of Shadows is recommended reading for night photographers.
  7. Is your New Year’s resolution to get your photographs more organized? There is no better place to start than Peter Krogh’s DAM Book.
  8. If you’re making money from photography, John Harrington’s business book is highly recommended.
  9. Thinking about doing panoramas or 360 VR photography but not sure where to start? Harald Woeste’s book offers an excellent overview of the concepts, equipment, and post-processing techniques.
  10. Who ever thought the pollution and destruction of the landscape could be so pretty?
  11. Supermarket is a superbly designed, understated story of a road trip from the Bay Area to the Southern California Desert.
  12. Brutal portraiture.

8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers: A Few Good Books”

  1. Great list Joe. Have you read Harrington’s new addition? I wonder how much more or newer info it has than the previous version from 2007.


    1. Cool, Brad. The way multiple images are treated in the layout of Supermarket is really innovative. I bet you’ll be heading over Highway 58 into the desert next Spring. I know I will!

    1. Tim – thanks for reminding me about the other books from Emigre. I really need to get Cucamonga, as I’m a big Beefheart fan.

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