Arizona travels: We say Prescott, like biscuit

5 thoughts on “Arizona travels: We say Prescott, like biscuit”

  1. Hey Seb – even though I had a location or two in mind, the moon wasn’t quite there yet, and the cold weather was a factor. At 5,000 feet elevation it was 20 degrees F with the wind chill at night (that’s about -7 degrees C). Tried to shoot last night, but the moon was socked in by clouds. Fingers crossed that it’ll clear up in the next day or two. Happy New Year!

  2. I frequently have to endure cold temps here in order to satisfy my phogography cravings… I do a lot of running back and forth between the car and the camera. Usually has to get down to single digits before I skip it…or any wind below 25f is a killer too. I need to move some place warmer!

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