Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet

A whole roll of sprocket holes. 35mm film in a Holga 120 format toy camera. Tape. Rubber bands. The works.

Go walk somewhere good, put the camera to your eye, and press the button.
Click on the small proof sheet to get a bigger proof sheet.
Make a loupe out of a paper cup, put your eyeball up to the screen, and tell me what you see.

Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet -- by Joe Reifer

Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet — by Joe Reifer

4 thoughts on “Sprocket Holga Proof Sheet”

  1. Looks like I need to form two lines per person and not use the hand path when I am on my way to the Moose Lodge. Got it! Thanks for the tip. I’ll remember that one next time I am trying to find my orchids. I’ll fake right then go left. Hopefully someone didn’t pick them up and assume they were litter.

    None East.

  2. J-dub – that’s freakin hilarious. I thought it’d be interesting to show the whole roll, but maybe everyone’s used to the wacky obtuse stories. Thanks for filling in for me on that part — A+ work.

    The West is the best.

  3. Yikes! Look out for the giant vacuum!
    Go stand at the top of the dune, the whirlpool won’t be able to reach you there, kids!
    But be sure to stay on the path, want to Save Our Dunes!
    Our Victory Garden is a fine spot for a lunch break.
    But watch out for the Vagrants with Garbage Sacks!
    “Daddy Little Girl” [sic]?
    What did we tell you about the Dunes?
    And DON’T be trying to climb on the fishing pier, either!
    Alright! Look sharp there!
    Moose Lodge Ahead
    Orchids on the Left
    Mostly Out West
    (But I got my balloon caught in the dunes!)
    At least a single line person can get to the beach and avoid the dunes.

  4. Kent – it is a strange collection of images, huh? Thanks for participating in the impromptu abstract captioning / storytelling!

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