17 thoughts on “Night Photography: Mojave Desert Mining Ruins: Commissioner / Blasting Area

  1. Looks like you were out in the snow and cold for the Wolf Moon as well! Not much movement in the clouds for a 10 minute exposure…

    • G – Had really nice slow moving clouds the first part of the third night of shooting. Hope you had a good moon!

    • Wasn’t as cold as it looks, probably in the low 30′s in the early part of the night. Snow was from the previous week’s storm. Sleeping was the coldest part — had 5 layers on in a 20 degree rated sleeping bag, and that was just enough.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve had finally try those long exposures;) It was cold and to be honest I thought it wouldn’t work and the pictures will be out focus, but fortunately I have few frames that I’m happy with. My set on flickr: Long night work.

    Please tell me what you think of them, thanks mate.


  3. Thanks mate:) The place(Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent, UK) is 75miles south east from London, I’ve discovered it November’08 and it is one of my favourite photo locations waiting for me;)

  4. What aperture was this, and how do you determine what you’ll use, in general? Do you use a light-meter or use high-ISO and the camera metering?

      • Thanks. I have used both stacking and high-ISO estimation for some star-trail and night-scape experiments, but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some other way since you obviously have much more experience.

        • Excellent. If you’re using high-ISO and stacking already you’re ahead of the curve! Do you have some night work online?

    • Some of these locations were over 4000 feet. We camped lower down at Nipton, which I don’t recommend unless you like freezing your ass off and listening to dirt bikes at 7:30 a.m. – I wish we would’ve just stayed in the preserve.

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