17 thoughts on “Night Photography: Mojave Desert Mining Ruins: Commissioner / Blasting Area”

    1. Wasn’t as cold as it looks, probably in the low 30′s in the early part of the night. Snow was from the previous week’s storm. Sleeping was the coldest part — had 5 layers on in a 20 degree rated sleeping bag, and that was just enough.

  1. Hi,

    I’ve had finally try those long exposures;) It was cold and to be honest I thought it wouldn’t work and the pictures will be out focus, but fortunately I have few frames that I’m happy with. My set on flickr: Long night work.

    Please tell me what you think of them, thanks mate.


  2. Thanks mate:) The place(Dungeness, Romney Marsh, Kent, UK) is 75miles south east from London, I’ve discovered it November’08 and it is one of my favourite photo locations waiting for me;)

  3. What aperture was this, and how do you determine what you’ll use, in general? Do you use a light-meter or use high-ISO and the camera metering?

      1. Thanks. I have used both stacking and high-ISO estimation for some star-trail and night-scape experiments, but wanted to make sure there wasn’t some other way since you obviously have much more experience.

    1. Some of these locations were over 4000 feet. We camped lower down at Nipton, which I don’t recommend unless you like freezing your ass off and listening to dirt bikes at 7:30 a.m. – I wish we would’ve just stayed in the preserve.

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