13 thoughts on “Night photography: 64 Imp (Pearsonville)”

    1. Thanks, Seb. We have a two-time participant from Australia in this workshop. Maybe we’ll have one from England in the fall?

    1. Thanks, Jon, here’s how the exposure math works:

      I take a test shot at 10 seconds at f/8 ISO 6400 to check exposure, focus, and composition.
      This translates to one of the following options:

      10 minutes at f/8 ISO 100
      5 minutes at f/8 ISO 200
      7.5 minutes at f/9.5 ISO 200, which is what I did here.

      At 7.5 minutes my camera does not need to run noise reduction — so I can take 2 shots in a row at 7.5 minutes, and then stack them in Photoshop for an effective star trail length of 15 minutes.

  1. I love looking at these and trying to figure out where in the yard they are. This one has me sorta stumped. Thinking south side? Also, anyone venturing to the other side of the southside fencing (directly behind the playground)? Satellite shows 20 or so vehicles there that I know I missed entirely.

    1. This one is right in the center Mopar yard, not far from the car. Pretty near the red Plymouth that’s tilted up on 2 sets of rims. The Google map is outdated — the vehicles that were outside the fencing have been dragged into the yard. The Cadillac camper was actually out there the first time I went to Pearsonville.

      A few vehicles are gone from last year, including the Javelin that I loved. There is a new 1966 Lincoln with a sparkly orange paint job with flames on the side though!

  2. Cool! Gotta get a shot of that firey lincoln for us. I figured that map was a little old since it shows that big semi still sitting near the front along the main building.
    I know where that car is now…I didn’t see the power lines running behind it when I first saw the photo.
    Hopefully all of the “fan favorites” remain like the dia log truck, the caddy camper and the firetruck.

  3. Meanwhile, no full moon visible in central VA. w/ rain predicted for tonight. Oh well, hope you fared better over the weekend.

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