8 thoughts on “Night photography: “Imagination is more important than knowledge””

    1. This car is in the NW part of the yard – shadow is from the sodium vapor streetlight on the 395 frontage road. I think it’s from a mirror, but I’m not certain.

  1. I am glad to see you are up at 2:37 am posting pictures after a long night of shooting in the yeard! I am stoked for the April workshop! Do you give a Chocodile this time??

    1. That was so much fun – glad you’re excited for next month – me too! The Fastrip was out of Chocodiles, and we don’t have another source. There was a stunning image shot with a fisheye lens that would’ve taken the prize though.

        1. The winning image was by portrait photographer Kerry Souza. Not sure if she’s on Flickr. I’m going to ask if I can feature the image on my blog though.

          Also, one of the workshop participants discovered they have Chocodiles at the local Albertson’s — so we’re all set for April!

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