6 thoughts on “Night photography: Grand Prix in black with custom rainbow oil paint option”

  1. There were two cars I was not able to find in the dark after we scouted in the evening, and this was one of them. So I am jealous.

    The photo really captures the iridescent-like colors. It’s a wonderful find.

  2. Hi Joe. Great shot. Thanks again for another great workshop experience. The Lightroom session is changing my photographic life! I had one question on that–when I am adjusting sharpening detail and masking and holding the alt key down I am only seeing the mask on the little loupe over to the right and I am wondering how to get that to show on the middle panel where the large main view is. Does that question make any sense? Thanks

    1. Dave – the work you showed in class was superb. Glad the post-processing day was useful! The detail and masking preview with alt/option only works when you’re zoomed in to 100% view. Click the little exclamation mark in the triangle on the Detail panel to quickly get there.

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