Night photography: Moonrise over Howard’s

Moonrise over Howard's -- by Joe Reifer

Moonrise over Howard’s — by Joe Reifer

On the night of the full moon, the moon rises at sunset. This creates a short window of time where the last warm rays of the fading sunset mingle with the cool light of the rising moon. The bright area in the sky between the precariously raised trailers and joshua tree is the moon, which was partially obscured by clouds. An exposure time of two minutes ensured the moon didn’t move too much, and still allowed for nice cloud movement. Instead of the typical night photography color temperature of 3500-4000K, this image was processed at 5700K to best simulate how the lighting looked at the time.

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    1. Hi Steve – Daylight color temperature provided the right cool/warm balance to show the pink light in the sky, but still “read” as night on the foreground. I started at 5500K and adjusted to 5700K to suit my eye. Super cool that you’re going to make it to the Pearsonville workshop again in the fall!

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