Night photography: Niles Canyon Railway

Niles Canyon Railway -- by Joe Reifer

Niles Canyon Railway — by Joe Reifer

I’ve just posted a night photography gallery of the Niles Canyon Railway on my portfolio website. These images are from a 2008 shoot that got buried in the archives. I made extensive use of the new Lens Corrections panel in Lightroom 3 to correct the barrel distortion of the Canon 24-70/2.8L lens. I also used of a small amount of vertical transform to correct perspective on a few images. No more bringing images into Photoshop to use the Lens Correction tools — a big time saver!

The process of going back through 2.5 year old images is always interesting. When the emotional attachment and memory of the act of shooting are less strong, sometimes we can be more clear about which pictures are best. A few images from this shoot with a 2 star rating in Lightroom got upgraded to a 3 or 4, and a few got downgraded as well. The process of rating images after a shoot provides an interesting reference point for revisiting past work.

Big thanks to Andy Frazer for organizing the shoot — he recently posted a Niles Canyon image that reminded me to go back through my Lightroom Catalog. The June full moon is upon us. Whether you’re shooting planes, trains, automobiles or something completely different, I hope you have a great moon!

2 thoughts on “Night photography: Niles Canyon Railway”

  1. I remember that shoot. Man, that was a while ago!
    Now if only we could get LR3 to correct parallax like PS can!

    Still, correcting barrel distortion on the 24-70 is nice without having to pop back into PS all the time. Wondering how the Mark II version of that lens will fare.

  2. I’m hoping to have a great moon;) going to my favourite coastal location south from London, UK.
    Wish you all the best at the weekend-moon mate!

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