Night photography: A train rumbles through Drawbridge

A train rumbles through Drawbridge -- by Joe Reifer

A train rumbles through Drawbridge — by Joe Reifer

The photo above is an outtake from last month’s night shoot in the abandoned railroad town of Drawbridge. Only a few trains passed during our visit to this slowly sinking ghost town between Fremont and Alviso, California. I was shooting about 20 feet from the tracks when this shot was made, and underestimated the cataclysmic rumble that would occur. My sternum rattled for minutes after the train passed, and I was surprised the earth didn’t just open up and swallow me. There’s a gallery of 10 night photos of Drawbridge on my portfolio site. Cody Bratt made an image of the same train, and Amy Heiden is also uploading Drawbridge photos from the shoot.

5 thoughts on “Night photography: A train rumbles through Drawbridge”

  1. Wow! That is really cool effect. Reminds me of old Blues songs about Ghost Trains. The foreground is surprisingly sharp for the amount of vibration from a train at that close range. Once again, great photo!


    1. Thanks, Uncle Troy! This train image is definitely exciting and dynamic, I’m just not sure how it fits with the rest of the more documentary work of the site. It’s a lone firecracker on an otherwise quiet night.

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