5 thoughts on “Station wagon for Robert Bechtle”

  1. I guess you’re up to something as it’s just a crap snap and of course not up to the craft level of your other work here.

    Also, the Dias Ridge Trail stuff are also crap snaps… I’m puzzled? – your night work is sooo good.

    1. You’re not the first person to have trouble reconciling the aesthetic of the daytime images with the night work. The night photography is easier to digest because both the locations and lighting circumstances have some wow factor.

      As a starting point, look up Robert Bechtle. The quote along with the photos in this article on Bechtle will be helpful for you. I also highly recommend this video profile of Henry Wessel.

      The Dias Ridge Trail images fit somewhere between the tradition of the New Topographics and landscape studies. Over the last 4 decades, the New Topographics continuum has questioned the idealized beautiful landscape by showing more mundane images that show the struggle between man and nature. The Dias Ridge images play with this idea further by showing an area that man is trying to restore to a more idealized state. The flags in the ground represent the different types of plants that will be planted to restore the landscape. The pseudo-scientific title plays with the idea of the falsely assumed impartiality of documentary and scientific photography.

      Hope this gives you a few starting points to widen your understanding of what an interesting photograph can look like. Sometimes it takes a little bit of work to step outside the narrow constraints of wow factor style photos, but it’s worth it.

      1. Nicely balanced response–helps restore my faith in the internet ;-)

        p.s. You need to run that Bechtle through an oil paint iPhone app!

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