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    1. When I was a kid in L.A., I was really into this band from San Pedro called The Minutemen. Some of their lyrics are pretty obscure. I can relate to that sometimes. So I take a lot of road trips to the desert and listen to music. I still like the Minutemen. They have a song called “Bob Dylan wrote propaganda songs.” I’m not sure what it’s about. I know Bob Dylan was an inspiring figure for them.

      History Lesson Part 2

      mr. narrator
      this is bob dylan to me
      my story could be his songs
      i’m his soldier child

      So I’m on a desert road trip rocking out and taking photos out the window and somehow the title of this blog post sticks in my head. A mashup of two things that have influenced my art-making. The Minutemen. And John Divola.

      I suppose if people know the Minutemen song, then they might look up John Divola. Or if they know who John Divola is, then they’d wonder how they missed the songs. I’m not sure anyone would know both artists and put this all together. Explaining abstract road trip picture poetics is tough. I got inspired by Rudy VanderLans and just started doing these free form captions. Haven’t really analyzed it.

      Anyhow, this wasn’t a conscious attempt to seek you out. But maybe sub-consciously I hoped you’d see my desert photos. I guess it worked, but I’m not sure it’s worth how awkward I feel.

      If you’d prefer that I change the title, I’m happy to do that. You can even suggest a new title if you’d like.

      Minutemen – Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs
      Minutemen – History Lesson Part 2

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