Think Tank Airport AirStream Bag Giveaway: Part 2

Zabriskie Point (Haunted) — by Joe Reifer

Zabriskie Point (Haunted) — by Joe Reifer

To celebrate their 5th anniversary, Think Tank has graciously provided an Airport AirStream rolling camera bag for me to give away to one lucky reader. Last week was part 1 of the contest, where you guessed how many PBRs I put in the bag. Here’s part 2:

  1. What general direction is the camera facing in the photo above, North, South, East, or West.
  2. If you win the bag, what cool photo location will you bring it to next year.
  3. Are you willing to report back about your trip, and have an image featured on this blog [Hint: Yes is the right answer].

Please submit your answers in the comments field below.

Deadline: Thursday, 11/18 at midnight Pacific Time.

  • Comments are moderated, and may take a few hours to appear. No need to submit more than once.
  • The winner will be notified by Tuesday, 11/23 and the bag will ship out by the end of the month.

Update: And the winner is….

Jim Masse from Waterboro, Maine

Jim answered part 1 correctly — 25 cans of beer in the time-lapse video. He also had the most interesting answer to part 2, Kathmandu, Nepal. Plus when I looked Jim up online, he had a great bigfoot photo as his Facebook icon. Congratulations to Jim, your bag will be on the way soon!

12 thoughts on “Think Tank Airport AirStream Bag Giveaway: Part 2”

  1. 1. I am not sure, but I think west.
    2. I would take it to the East Coast, NYC and Pennsylvania.
    3. I would be honored.
    I guess 25 beers for part 1. I could be wrong, you were pretty fast with those beers…

  2. 1. The camera lens is pointing West.
    2. I would take it all over LA, Northern California, Boston/Providence and New York if I get a chance to go back east soon!
    3. Yes

    1. The beers and N-S-E-W questions were quantitative. The “where will you go” was qualitative, and ended up being the tie-breaker.

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