Last minute gift ideas for photographers

Behind the bank, Rhyolite ghost town -- by Joe Reifer

Behind the bank, Rhyolite ghost town -- by Joe Reifer

Behind the bank, Rhyolite ghost town — by Joe Reifer

Need a last minute gift idea for the photographer on your holiday shopping list? Below are a few ideas for you. Thanks for using these affiliate links to support this blog while you shop for your favorite photographer.

  1. B&H Gift Card: $50. $100. $250. $1000.
  2. Photo-eye bookstore gift certificate
  3. A gift membership at your local museum, such as SFMOMA ($80).
  4. A gift certificate at your local camera store or photo lab. My local spots are Looking Glass Photo, Photo Lab, and Lightwaves.
  5. A gift certificate towards a photography workshop at Santa Fe, Maine, or perhaps even a night photography workshop.
  6. A camera bag from Think Tank Photo, such as the Retrospective 10 shoulder bag ($149). Use this Think Tank link and get a free gift when you spend $50 or more.
  7. The recent reissue of John Gossage’s classic photo book, The Pond. Photo book expert Gerry Badger says: “Adams, Shore, Baltz – all the New Topographics photographers made great books, but none are better than The Pond.” ($40.95)
  8. Speaking of Gerry Badger, his thought provoking 2010 book The Pleasure of Good Photographs would make a great gift. ($19.77)
  9. And if you didn’t get caught up in the fever of New Topographics this year, the book is fantastic. ($47.25)
  10. One of my other favorite photo books of 2010 was Lee Friedlander: America By Car. Really superb. ($32.97)
  11. Maybe a print of this night photo of the S.S. Minnow is just what you need for the wall. Just holler.

Need more gift ideas? Here’s a list of photography books 2009, and the gift list from 2008.

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