Pearsonville Night Photography Workshop News

Vega with garter belt -- by Joe Reifer

Vega with garter belt — by Joe Reifer

Earlier this week Troy Paiva and I let our night photography workshop email list know that the owners of the Pearsonville junkyard are crushing and recycling a large number of cars this month. A crew will be living at the yard full-time, and they hope to complete the work by the end of January. About 200 cars in the NW section of the yard will be spared from the jaws of the crusher. We won’t know whether the location will still be suitable for night photography workshops until next month.

We’re researching new workshop locations, and will send an email update as soon as there is any news. If you’re aware of any large junkyards in the Western U.S. that might make a good location, we’d love to hear from you. We’d be happy to negotiate a finder’s fee if things work out.

The tag-line for this workshop has always been: “Pearsonville, as it is today, will be gone in a few short years.” Well, time is up. We’d like to extend a big thank you to the attendees of the 7 amazing workshops that were hosted at Pearsonville between 2008-2010. We appreciate your support, creativity, and spirit of adventure. A special tip of the hat to Mike Hows for originally sharing this location with us.

Whether you’re a Pearsonville alumni with a rusty tear in your eye, or a night photography workshop was on your short list for 2011, stay tuned — Pearsonville may be a garter belt on your rear view mirror, but who knows what exciting locations await.

9 thoughts on “Pearsonville Night Photography Workshop News”

  1. Well I’m grateful that I had a unique opportunity to experience that place and my Pearsonville trips led to more exploration of the surrounding area.

  2. Damn, what a shame. I was really looking forward to
    shooting here for the first time. Here’s hoping it’s still a good
    location with the remaining vehicles, or that you and Troy are able
    to find a good alternate location.

  3. I agree with Joe’s every word, especially the thanks to everyone that took a workshop, and brother Hows, who cracked the door for us.

  4. This blows! We all knew this day would come, but it still
    sucks. Pearsonville was/is a very special and unique place. The
    massive amount of cars, the race track and the history, there is no
    other place like it. I am glad that so many people were able to
    experience it. P-Ville will be missed!

  5. Hello mr. reifer! I am so glad i found this blog. I have been running into your work for a while, starting with a highschool project i did a few years ago. I decided however to go into cinema since i graduated. Photography is still a passion. your work is marvelous, very inspiring, and has influenced me quite a bit. Thank you.

  6. Wow, just read this today. Very sad indeed. I was always hopeful I would have an opportunity to get back there just one more time…but I am glad I got out there the two times I did. I am hopeful that I can join you guys at the new location at some point in the future.

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