Night photography: Farewell, Pearsonville Junkyard

Our one night Farewell, Pearsonville Junkyard Workshop was a lot of fun. The strange weather patterns of 2011 brought intense rushing storm clouds over the Sierra, with a full moon high above — perfect conditions for night photography. Some amazing images from the photographers who attended the workshop are starting to appear in the Pearsonville Workshop Flickr Group. Thanks to everyone who attended — were those some awesome clouds or what?

After our ceremonial midnight toast, a light rain started blowing. There was still some blue sky and moonlight, so I attached the Think Tank Hydrophobia Rain Cover and kept on shooting. The cover is meant for a 70-200mm lens, but also works fine with a 24-70mm. The Hydrophobia is wonderful piece of design and engineering. Accessing the controls with your right hand is easy, and both the rear and top LCDs can still be viewed. The cover is easier to install if you remove your camera strap. The only issue for night photography is that you can no longer see the manual focusing scale on the lens. Next time I will carefully zone focus the lens and then use gaffer’s tape to prevent the focusing ring from moving. Gaffer’s tape is also handy for securing the Hydrophobia from blowing in the wind for long exposures. In addition to the cover, you’ll also need the proper eye piece accessory for your camera. Use this special referral link to receive a free gift on orders of over $50 from Think Tank. Bad weather can make for some great shooting!

8 thoughts on “Night photography: Farewell, Pearsonville Junkyard”

  1. I’m really disappointed – almost to the point of being crushed (no pun intended) – that I never was able to make it there.

    Love the cloud on #24. How often do you see a cloud that comes out looking like a starburst?

  2. Great set of shots Joe. I also particularly like #24. It was indeed a great night with sensational clouds. Thanks again to you and Troy for making it happen. Hope to catch up with you guys again later in the year.



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