4 thoughts on “Night photography: Crushed Volvo in the claw (20 minutes over Paul’s Junkyard)”

  1. I like how the shadow of the car is completely on the ground and not other objects, emphasizing how this is hanging in the air.

    Also funny that this is *literally* 180 degrees from Troy’s shot.

    1. Thanks, Janet. Balancing the mountain interplay on the left, and circular shapes on the right with the car in the middle worked out well. Getting a 4 minute shot where the car was fairly sharp was lucky. The masking to have the sky from all 5 shots with the sharpest car from only 1 was difficult, and will make a good demo for a future workshop. And yes, Troy and I are often literally 180 degrees apart in how we shoot a subject. :)

  2. That is a terrific shot Joe. Kudos!

    The trails on the left are like a thousand daggers stabbing the poor Volvo to death. Great placement of the circling trails on the right.

    I also really like how the jaw is in the middle like a big licking its lips after a fresh kill.

    Seeing a demo of how you put this together in post would be very helpful (especially selecting the sharpest car).

    Any good online videos or podcasts of how to do the blending with a brush with varying opacity between layers? I’ve figured out layers, masks and stacking (sort of), but how to use black and white brush strokes to add and subtract layers is still beyond me. I understand the idea, but the implementation eludes me.

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