Holga vs. Hipstamatic: Monkey in a tree

Holga: Monkey in a tree -- by Joe Reifer

Holga: Monkey in a tree -- by Joe Reifer

Hipstamatic: Monkey in a tree -- by Joe Reifer

Hipstamatic: Monkey in a tree -- by Joe Reifer

Holga vs. Hipstamatic: Click on either image above for a larger version

1. The Holga 120N image at the top has light leaks, is only sharp in the center, and has limited depth of field. The Kodak 400VC negative film handled the harsh mid-day lighting just fine (400VC has been replaced by Portra 400). At $5 + tax for the film and $6 for developing, it’s about $1 per shot when shooting with a Holga. Plus scanning time.

2. The second monkey photo was taken with the popular Hipstamatic app on an iPhone 4 using the Helga lens, and has been color corrected and resized in Photoshop. The framing is tighter because that’s the only way the iPhone would meter for the subject. I liked the image OK until I got the film back from the lab — now I much prefer the Holga version. iPhone photography apps are fun, but still haven’t replaced toy camera goodness for me. It’s a different thing.

4 thoughts on “Holga vs. Hipstamatic: Monkey in a tree”

  1. I’ve been curious about this. I find the Bettie XL lens gets closest to a Holga, sometimes emulating light leaks when used with Blanko film. It’s definitely not the same, but it’s the closet lens in Hipstamatic. Try it out, see what you think.

    1. Thanks for the 411. Will give the Bettie XL a look. I seem to be ramping down the iPhone shooting and doing more with toy cameras and the point-and-shoot.

  2. Seeing your picture of a Monkey in a Tree made me think of this friend who paints piles of toys. If you follow the link to Megan’s site, you can also click on the video link to see the video I did with her. Pretty amusing and beautiful work.

    The second photo does look too perfect, if one is going for the “Krappy Kamera”look. The first seems pretty obviously the real deal. Why emulate it when you can do the real thing so easily? Oh – the time and money factor, right.

    1. I checked out the video of your friend — very cool. And yeah, I typically like real krappy photos better than fake ones, too.

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