Bodie Ghost Town at Night

Bodie at night: Standard Stamp Mill -- by Joe Reifer

Bodie at night: Standard Stamp Mill -- by Joe Reifer

A night photo of the Standard Stamp Mill at Bodie State Historic Park. The Hoover House is in the foreground. The full moon was rising behind the hill during this 30-minute exposure. Troy Paiva, Gabriel Biderman and I just returned from 3 nights of shooting in Western Nevada ghost towns and mining ruins, and one night at Bodie during the Mono Lake Night Photography Festival. This year’s festival marked the 20th anniversary of The Nocturnes. I enjoyed seeing a lot of old friends and making some new ones. Stay tuned for more photos and stories from the trip!

6 thoughts on “Bodie Ghost Town at Night”

  1. Lucky dog. I wanted to photograph Bodie but it was still snowed in when I was through. Reminds me of a shot I tried to capture of a homestead the other night. I took 10 7 minute exposures while I slept in my car. Came out to check on things and the lens was fogged from shot 2 on. Can’t wait to see the rest of your trip photos!

    1. Hey David – Lots of snow this year up in the Sierra. Bodie was a lot of fun. Sorry to hear you hit dewpoint during your shooting. More photos soon!

  2. Sweeeet photo, Joe. One of these years I need to make it out to Bodie. Though I am going on a roadtrip through Nevada and up to Idaho in a couple months.

    1. Thanks, Brad. Bodie is a lot of fun. Feel free to email me about location resources for your trip to Nevada.

    1. Thanks. Was just trying to go where there wasn’t anyone else. This was a 6 shot stack, and only 1 out of 6 didn’t have massive light painting in the background.

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